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Social Networks, Which One to Choose?

May 7th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in surfing the web

A recent trend in the internet is social networking sites. People seem to love interacting over the internet and these internet sites help them to do so. There are tons of them around. The most popular of these are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace. Each of them has it’s own role and focus.

Social networks are so popular, that many employers tend to get suspicious when they don’t find a trace of their potential employee in any of the social circles. If you haven’t registered in any of them I suggest you do so as soon as possible. It’s fun, it’s important and well… It’s social.

But which one to choose?

I suggest choosing one of the major ones stated above. It is most likely that you will find your friends there or you will have a chance to interact with interesting people. I’m pretty sure social gene exists in all of us so let’s get started with reviewing different networks.


This is by far the biggest social network available. Everybody’s there, connected as friends and you see what they think and do today. The notes by your friends appear on the main page and are called status messages. You can comment your friends statuses and they will probably respond back or you can push a button called ‘like‘ (which basically means you agree what the person is saying).
You can also upload your pictures and videos for everyone to see and start waiting for their comments.
If you’re a more experienced user or a company then you can create pages of your favorite things, people or your product and get fans to join the discussion there.
Also an important thing to do in facebook, is playing games or using different Facebook applications. The most popular social games played there are Farmville, Mafia Wars and Poker.
Facebook is used by a lot of marketeers as a platform to aim directly to their target audiences.
Confusing? Well, it is. But once you get used to their user interface and how to get along with people there, it’s actually quite fun and I’m sure you can find many new internet friends from there.


LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s not as fun as Facebook, but if you’re thinking of joining a network for professional/business reasons then I suggest you take this route. 
LinkedIn is basically a place to fill in and share your CV. That’s all that matters there. You can get extremely useful business contacts from linkedIn.
Your business partners or associates can write recommendations for you.
Also you can find active and insightful user groups in this network. 
I recommend using it if you don’t need the fun , but the serious networking side of social network.


Twitter is the short blogging social platform. In twitter the status messages are called ‘tweets‘. Twitter tweet can be 140 characters long (or short), so you really have to consider what you post there.
In Twitter your friends are the people you follow. And you can follow almost anybody from president Obama to your next door neighbor. Therefore, this is the platform where you can get the most insightful information about peoples thoughts. Think about your favorite living writer or film director. Think about an artist whose works you admire. They’re all there and you can follow their daily thoughts without a hassle. Therefore it is a good place to get inspired. I personally follow some stand-up comedians, my favorite book authors, important people in the field I work in etc. 
Twitters user interface is really simple, but you will have to learn the lingo. If you want to target someone with your post you will have to write ‘@’ sign in front of their username. Or if you write about a well known topic it’s common to add an ‘#’ sign in front of keywords about it. You’ll see, but I can tell you it’s simple.


Myspace is a social network for artists. Mostly musicians hang out there. There you can upload your works. Give out information about the stuff you do and get connected to people or groups of people who do something similar. It’s basically a platform where you can make your own personal webpage where you introduce your passion and your skills.
MySpace is a must-have for all the musicians and bands as it is used to discover new music for bug music producers. If your band does not have a MySpace then it does not exist.

All in all, which social platform you choose depends on the stuff you do. Facebook is pretty much mandatory for personal stuff. LinkedIn is for professional life. Twitter is the source of insight and inspiration from the people you admire. MySpace is a place for artists and musicians to hang out.

I personally use Twitter the most, then Facebook and sometimes check into LinkedIn.

Please tell me which ones you use and value the most in the comments.

Thanks. And be social, as ‘people matter’ 🙂

check This Video for simple explanation video which explains what is social media.

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