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Tanel Teemusk (born 6th of May 1978) is an Estonian filmmaker and photographer.

Tanel was born in Tallinn, Estonia. He studied business management in Tallinn Technical university and multimedia in Copenhagen Technical school.

During the studies in Tallinn Technical university he worked in a major Estonian construction company. When Tanel enrolled to MBA programme he founded his first company Ist Companion OÜ which still(March 2010) operates in the Estonian construction sector.

During his studies Tanel developed a love for video and photography.

Tanel started his filmmaker career with a documentary on fashion, releasing his first film “Fire” in 2001 and commercial video for a Estonian Fashion brand PTA relaunch in 2002.

In 2003 Tanel collaborated with a film production company Ruut and directed a documentary “The Gods of Speed” about iceboating in Estonia and Sweden.

During his studies in Denmark he directed a portrait documentary “The Roots” and his debut fiction short “Love for the game” in 2004.

After the studies in 2006-2007 Tanel traveled in Thaliand, Cambodia and Vietnam doing mostly street and architecture photography. During that time he built a 3D animation for a German documentary about Cooperative Fishing of Irrawaddy River Dolphins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrawaddy_dolphin) and worked as an underwater videographer.

In 2007 Tanel moved to New York where he worked for a digital ad agency Tribal DDB as an animator and Adobe Flash Developer developing animation for worldwide brands, such as Jose Cuervo, Philips, Trump etc.

In summer 2007 Tanel directed “Juulikuu Lumi, stseenide taga”, the making of music video for a famous Estonian rock band Terminaator. Later this year Tanel collaborated with New York-Estonian artist Martin Saar to direct a youTube hit “Bemmi Kummid”. “Bemmi Kummid” was Estonias most watched music video on youTube for the next two year period.

Tanel continued to work as an animator and Adobe Flash developer for many ad agencies in United States and Sweden and making independent projects aside.

In the beginning of 2009 Tanel published a photography book “Portraits”.
The same year Tanel collaborated with Estonian concept artist Murka making an experimental short “Taste” which won various international awards around Europe.

End of 2009 Tanel collaborated with Cabaret Rhizome, an Estonian independent theater to make tv titles for Estonian Film Festival tv show.

Tanel shoots with Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Hasselblad 500C/M and Polaroid SX-70.

Tanel has a daughter Maia Teemusk (born in 2007).

Katrin Kuldma Fashionhouse Fire (2002)
The Gods of Speed (2003)
RIP MB (2003)
The Roots (2004)
The Love for the Game (2004)
Juulikuu Lumi, Stseenide taga (2007)
Bemmi Kummid (music video, 2007)
MTV Logo animation series, The Shopping Cart, The Streetcar, The Stadium, the Rocks (2007)
Windsurfing, lesson I (2008)
Taste (2009)
Les Paul made interesting (2009)
Life of a Cancer Stick – a timelapse (2009)
a Busy Day (for Maia) (2009)
Pöffihunt TV Titles and promotional clips (2009)

Portraits 2008 (2009)

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