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Objective-C Here I come

January 10th, 2012 Posted in adobe flash, Apple, flash, Objective-C

Okay. I’ve been learning Objective-C on and off for quite a while now. I’ve been doing it mostly using The Big Nerd Ranch books.

I can tell you it has not been easy. While all tutorials in these books are quite straightforward and work out just great when you follow a book, they still haven’t helped me to get my head around this language. I get the syntax, I get how the structure should work, but some of the concepts are so different coming from ECMA script language background such as Actionscript or Javascript. Painful.

Also I have googled around a lot. While there are some blogs that describe a bit about migrating from ECMA script to C based language, they haven’t helped me out too much.

Therefore I will try to add my 5 cents to the blogosphere about this subject. (And don’t judge me if I’m wrong in my theories presented here. I’m just a n00b.).

Declaring and calling a function

This is probably the first thing you want to do. In Actionscript 3 I would do this:

Defining a function:

private myFunction():void{
//Do something;

To call this function from another function I would just:

private anotherFunction():void{

In Objective C it’s not as straightforward. Defining a function like this won’t allow to call it from another function.

Defining a function:

First add the function description to an interface (yeah that’s the myClass.h file. Objective C calls them Headers).

- (void)myFunction;

Then in the class itself (myClass.m file) define this function completely:

//Do something

And then you can call it from another function:

[self myFunction];


I hope you get the idea how it works. I will try to add more examples soon.

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