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Apple Design Award Winners 2011

June 27th, 2011 Posted in Apple, apps, iPad, iPhone

Apple has awarded the coolest iOS apps with it’s Apple Design Awards for 2011.

I have tried couple of the awarded and can comment the prizes as follows.

infinity blade icon

1. Infinity Blade

Quite nice iOS game with really awesome graphics. The only problem with the game is the story. It’s a bit repetitive. You always get to the final monster but you can never beat him. At least not before you’ve gained many many levels. And to gain levels you follow the same path again with slightly different level monsters. No offence. The game is really great. And the graphics are astounding for such limited hardware. So this software has really earned it.

Cut the rope icon

2. Cut the rope

This is the best game I’ve seen on iOS so far. It is the best in everything. It’s playful, it has really cool story. It has really nice graphics with totally awesome animation. And it has puzzles that will crack your head. Oh and did I mention the physics. Just awesome. Well done and well earned it’s name on the list.

3. Pulse

This is a feedreader. You can add your favorite feeds and read them in a really nicely designed interface. It got the award for Student Developer Showcase. If it’s done by a student then sure. It’s a really nicely done app and the design is awesome. 
But with all this in mind I don’t see why Apple did not give an award to FlipBoard? While pulse is great reader, FlipBoard is great plus really innovative.

Anyway. It’s really cool that Apple does such a thing and I hope that someday my own apps are gonna be on that list.

Link to Apple Design Awards

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