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If you want to make a sale, be different

July 21st, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Marketing

I do flash, photography and video for a living. I freelance. That means I talk a lot with small business owners and startup people who target local markets. Once in a while I get into discussions with them, about their image. What most small business owners do when they start to build their homesite, they look what their competitors have. And this action, for me is not the smartest move.

To make a sale means to be great. To be great we cannot run after our direct competitors.

The biggest mistake while creating a public image through design, visual identity, photographic style etc. to a local market, is to be and look exactly like your competitor. Don’t try to be like like the best performer in your market. Don’t even look at their website nor their logo. It’s a bad idea that gives you bad ideas. Do Mercedes-Benz and BMW have the same look in their branding strategy? Absolutely not. Do Apple Macintosh and Microsoft look the same? Absolutely not.

If you have any guts and will to succeed then find your own style. Gather inspirational content from the world leaders. They don’t have to be from your field, but they can be anything. There’s some great stuff all over the web. Find your unique style and present your findings to your creative resource. Let them get their brains working without seeing your competitors website. I’m pretty sure you’ll get the best outcome that way.

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iPhone iOS 4.0 not ready for use yet.

July 16th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in iPhone, Mac Hardware

iOS 4.0 upgrade has many faults.

Although new operating system for iPhone (iOS 4.0) looks and feels great, it does not act that well.

The minute I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to an iOS 4.0 I fell in love with new fluid animations, the idea of multitasking and app folder organization. After a little use I’m not so sure if upgrading so soon is such a great idea after all. There are several problems with the new os.

or is it?Arrange apps to folders

1. Multitasking eats up memory
I’m sure that’s the main reason why ios sucks that much. While in the old os (3.x.x), when you pressed the square button all of your apps were shut down, then now all of them are paused and actually left open. When you have used bunch of different app’s then you will probably experience ‘memory full’ problems.
The trick how to kill running apps is to push Square button twice and you’ll see a row of open apps. Then touch and hold one of them until they start to shake and a red -(minus) sign will appear next to them. Now touch all the minus signs to completely kill the app from memory.

iOS killing running apps

2. Many of the old apps need to be recompiled to work perfectly
Although most of the apps work, some of them don’t or do not work perfectly. This os upgrade was a major one. Many third party developers have had too little time to play around with the new SDK’s and submission to appstore will take time.

3. Very few apps work with multitasking
Another problem is that to date there are very few apps that have multitasking capabilities. While facebook app and apple own apps work great, most of the third party apps do not work with multitasking. My biggest concern is that Skype does not work but there is plenty more.

4. Mail is great but sucks at the same time
Apple’s own mail app has many additions. You can now use many different e-mail accounts and we’ve got a really nice thread grouping going on in there. But sometimes I’m experiencing problems with the app. I suspect it has something to do with the memory problem, but occasionally I receive empty e-mails that I can’t read nor delete. Restart helps here but that sucks huh?

So basically the iPhone is becoming a classic computer now that needs restarting every now and then and has much more hick-ups that it used to.
I suspect Apple had to do this release a bit too fast because of the Android pressure and many of the features in the OS had too little QA time. It’s not really Apple style but I guess it happens to the best of us.

I’m pretty sure all those problems will be fixed after a while, but right now (July 2010) if you haven’t upgraded to 4.0 yet then I suggest you don’t yet.

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